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We can all support others in some way to walk more each day – in a paid role, as a volunteer, carer or family member.

Whatever your circumstances, you can find resources through this website to help you.

We also have some Myth busting documents to help you with risk assessing and insuring your walks.

Get Walking resources

If you’d like to get walking yourself and don’t know where to start, head over to our Everyday Walking page.


WoW – the walk to school challenge

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20 minute neighbourhoods

View our presentation on the concept of 20 minute neighbourhoods

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Netwalking – Moving more, whilst you walk

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Stakeholder meetings

Walk Derbyshire Stakeholder event October 2022

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Walk Derbyshire Stakeholder meeting – 09 June 2022

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Walk Derbyshire stakeholder event – February 2021 – A whole system approach to walking

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Walk Derbyshire stakeholder event 31 March 2022

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