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Would you like to become
a walk leader?

Are you passionate about walking?

As a walk leader you can help your friends, family, colleagues and community develop a passion for walking, whilst becoming healthier and happier.

Organised walks (led or group) are a widespread and well-established tool for promoting and sustaining walking.

General Enquiries

As a walk leader you will:

  • Help people discover and make the best of their local area on foot
  • Give people the confidence to walk on their own as well as in a group
  • Welcome as many people as possible by keeping walks easy and accessible, focusing on helping the least inactive communities
  • Involve local communities and partnering with other organisations
  • Show how easy, enjoyable and sociable walking can be
  • Demonstrate all the benefits of walking and physical activity beyond
  • Help make the case for improving the places people walk

Walk Leader resources (dashboard area):

Anyone who is a Walk Leader can gain access to our Walk Leader area by creating an account and going to the dashboard area to find the resources needed.

  • Click Login (yellow button, top right on each page)
  • Either register or login
  • On the dashboard area, click resources
  • Find Information on leading walks and a branding toolkit.

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