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About Walk Derbyshire

Here at Walk Derbyshire, we want to make every day walking the norm across the county.  We want more people to enjoy walking and its benefits.  

We provide information and support to encourage local communities across the county to get out and walk more from their doorstep.  This could be walking to your school, a visit to the local shop or as part of your lunch break from either your home or workplace. 

Walk Derbyshire works in partnership with many organisations including Health, local councils, and the voluntary sector to identify and remove barriers to walking. Our aim is to influence the decision-makers and work together to build a network that encourages us all to walk more. We want safer walking spaces for everyone; from more accessible pathways to better lighting and signage, so we can all walk more in our everyday lives. 

Walk Derbyshire is a long-term vision, working for a future where all parts of the public sector such as transport, health, housing, planning, and education work together with the voluntary sector and the community to help make walking as accessible as possible.

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District & Borough Walking Opportunities

We are supported in each district and borough across the county, including the Peak District National Park by walk coordinators offering bespoke walking opportunities for that area. See Your Area to find your local walks.

Our Walk Coordinators meet on a regular basis to share good practice and resources and are always on hand to offer support!

Walk Derbyshire Steering Group

The Walk Derbyshire Steering Group provides direction and input to the Walk Derbyshire whole systems approach to walking.

The Steering Group is made up of representatives from across Derbyshire, including DCC adult social care and sustainable travel, Public Health, Active Derbyshire, Derbyshire Carers Association, Sustrans, elected member, VCSE and reps from our district and borough walk coordinators.

The group meet every other month to provide strategic governance and oversight and to look at opportunities to link this work into wider strategies.

Contact the Walk Derbyshire Team

Walk Derbyshire is operated by a small team of staff and volunteers so please email where possible and bear with us, if it takes a few days to respond.

Heather Clarkson

Walk Derbyshire Lead

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Walk Derbyshire Workforce Lead


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Walk Derbyshire Marketing and Comms Lead


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