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Walk Derbyshire aims to promote all walking opportunities across the county. 

Here at Walk Derbyshire, we want to make every day walking the norm across the county.  We want more people to enjoy walking and its benefits.  

We provide information and support to encourage local communities across the county to get out and walk more from their doorstep.  This could be walking to your school, a visit to the local shop or as part of your lunch break from either your home or workplace. 

Walk Derbyshire works in partnership with many organisations including Health, local councils, and the voluntary sector to identify and remove barriers to walking. Our aim is to influence the decision-makers and work together to build a network that encourages us all to walk more. We want safer walking spaces for everyone; from more accessible pathways to better lighting and signage, so we can all walk more in our everyday lives. 

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June 2024

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May 2024

Spotlight: Chesterfield Walk Derbyshire Active Neighbourhood Pilot

May 2024

Introduction to Netwalking session- Chesterfield Walking Festival.

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