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Event > Face to Face Stakeholder Event- South Derbyshire

Face to Face Stakeholder Event- South Derbyshire

DE11 9DG




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The vision of Walk Derbyshire is to make every day walking the norm for all residents of Derbyshire.  We will do this by adopting a systems approach to walking which will create a culture of walking across the county, with a focus on areas with the highest levels of inactivity. 

To support this, Walk Derbyshire will be hosting stakeholder events in each district and borough to explore what a systems approach means, consider local data and insight to help identify local priorities, and how we collaboratively develop a community engagement plan. 

The first online stakeholder event focused on what is Walk Derbyshire, what a systems approach means and explored local data and insight. 

The second stakeholder event will be face to face and consider how the data and insight we have can help us to focus on where and how we work with communities, and start to develop a community engagement plan.

Stakeholders from across the system are invited to attend. 


Sharpes Pottery (Glaze Room),

West Street,


DE11 9DG