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News & Stories > Spotlight: Chesterfield Walk Derbyshire Active Neighbourhood Pilot

Spotlight: Chesterfield Walk Derbyshire Active Neighbourhood Pilot

On the 18th of May Holme Hall Primary School opened their doors for the Holme Hall Explorer Art Trail Day.

The art trail showcased clay models created earlier in the year by the children. 

There was a great turnout with pupils turning up with their parents and extended families, and armed with instructions, a pencil, and a trusty map for directions, they set off to find the posters. 

Proudly displaying pictures of their models, each poster was captioned with an action, from a simply question like ‘Do you like going for a walk?’ To ‘Make people laugh! – tell a joke, pull a funny face or do a silly dance’.

The pupils and adults had a great time. Once the trail was completed it was time to collect a prize! Then it was smiles all round, as goodie bags were opened and ice cream eaten.

Thanks to Holme Hall Primary school and their Head Teacher Jackie Littlechilds,  The friends of Holme Hall, Clare Gage and the Chesterfield ANP members (Cllr Gavin Baldauf-Good, Juliet Grace, Gina Taylor, Cllr Judy Staton and Jenny).

Written by Caron Fellows, Walk Derbyshire Workforce Lead