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NetWalking – moving more, whilst you work

People taking part in a Netwalk

Healthy Workplaces Derbyshire is part of Derbyshire County Councils Public Health department, and supports workplaces in the public, private, community and voluntary sectors across Derbyshire to invest in initiatives that promote health and wellbeing – creating a positive and supportive workplace culture. They’ use only evidence-based information and signpost to reputable, quality services.

Healthy Workplaces Derbyshire, like to think we practice what they preach, after all they’re promoting a healthier and happier workforce for all of Derbyshire!

Post pandemic opportunities for face to face, impromptu chats in the office, along the corridor, or when making a cuppa has declined, at times leaving many of us feeling isolated and lacking the social connectedness and dynamism the office environment brought. They heard about the term’s ‘Work and Talk’ and ‘NetWalking.’

‘NetWalking’, ‘Work and Talk’, whatever you want to call it, it amounts to the same thing, a great opportunity to explore, reconnect, relax, become more effective in our roles and most importantly – have fun!

Jane Hicken, Healthy Workplaces Derbyshire

What a great concept? They thought. An opportunity to reconnect, boost morale and bond, not to mention the immense benefits to our physical and mental health!  So they gave it a go – once a month they go for a NetWalk.

They agree in advance where to go, will it be Chatsworth, Linacre Woods, or a trek through fields and woodland to somewhere new and unexplored?

HWD are a dog loving team, so the pooches come along too!  The walks really do provide a perfect environment to get to know each other better, to actually talk – whether that’s about their own lives, ideas to develop our programme, or just general chatter and laughter.  Being out in the open, surrounded by green space, really does liberate the mind, body, and soul, and enables a different perspective on life.

We highly recommend Netwalking!

Yes, we’re at work and there are times to be serious and focus on the job in hand, but this needs to be balanced against a time when we can relax, laugh, connect and move more.

Want to bring Netwalking into your own workplace? Use our handy guide below to help ensure it goes as smoothly as possible.