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We’ve recently launched the Walk Derbyshire website to support our vision of making every day walking the norm in Derbyshire. We’d like the website to be a valuable source of information, not just for some of the many led walks in the area but also to provide resources for residents to be able to walk from their doorsteps and in their communities for leisure or to travel locally.

We’d love your feedback
We hope to continue to evolve and develop the website with this in mind and would love your feedback to help make that happen. We’re keen that our values of inclusion and inclusivity are integral in the continued development of the website so we’re particularly interested to hear your ideas of how that can happen, not just in terms of functionality but also in the look, feel and content of the site. We genuinely appreciate your time to help shape this work. 

Walk Derbyshire Website Feedback

Walk Derbyshire website feedback

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a) Would this website encourage you to go walking from your doorstep?

a) Would this website encourage you to go walking in the countryside?

Do you think the website/homepage visually reflects Derbyshire?

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