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News & Stories > Jean’s Story- How I regained my love of the outdoors.

Jean’s Story- How I regained my love of the outdoors.

We met Jean Docherty from Sheffield who is a walking and physical activity enthusiast at the Run Walk Talk Chesterfield event in June, where we went on a walk and talk.

While on the walk Jean shared with us how she regained her love of walking after going through trauma. During this time Jean found it difficult to get motivated and get out the door like she used to but after encouragement and support from her family and Community Connectors she fell in love with the outdoors again.

Jean now loves walking, running, any activity that gets her outdoors. It has significantly improved her physical and mental health; she feels happier and healthier being surrounded by nature and getting to meet lots of great people, having great conversations and making friends for life. There is so much more she wants to achieve; Jean is planning to do another half marathon run/walk in the next couple of months and will keep continuing her love of walking and being outdoors.

She understands the importance of rest days and having time to cool down and can relate to how it can feel to not want to be active but would encourage anyone who is currently feeling the same way she did to “just go for a walk even if it’s for 5 minutes, join a group or walk somewhere safe on your own or ask a friend to join. It will be great for your mental health and will be the push that you need to be more physically active”.

“I love walking because it clears your mind, enriches the soul, takes away stress and opens up your eyes to a whole new world.” Jean

Walk Derbyshire are here to help you get walking, whether you are looking for a walking group to join, a walking route for yourself or don’t know where to start we can support your journey.